ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


Support Groundbreaking ALS Research.

We are very close to viable treatments options for ALS. Your support has made these advances possible.

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge, our chapter has donated $800,000+ to research. The ALS Association has also awarded 300 research grants to 200 scientists. There have been 33 new drug trials, 29 new obervational trials, and 5 new genes discovered.

We challenge you to continue the fight. Help our chapter fund $150,000 in research this year.


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Research Updates

Designer DNA Drugs

Designer DNA drugs target genes within the nervous system and effectively silence them. It is one of the most exciting frontiers for ALS treatments.

Gene Identification

Understanding disease pathways is essential to the development of therapeutics and eventually a cure.


T-Cell Therapy

Researchers have been studying the T-cells of people living with ALS. Preliminary studies suggest that T-cell expansion and infusion could slow ALS progression.


Increased collaboration has led to breakthrough discoveries.