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Get Involved - Volunteer with The ALS Association

Our volunteers provide invaluable assistance in the office, help coordinate our chapter events, advocate at The ALS Association's National ALS Advocacy Day and Public Policy Conference, and devote their time and energy so that we are able to provide essential care services.  

Our volunteers spend time at our office working on administrative and organizational projects, distribute information about ALS and The Association and its care services while working at community booths, and host fundraising activities that help The Association move closer to finding treatments and a cure for ALS.  

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Share why YOU volunteer today! #IVolunteerforALSbecause #DefeatALSOregon

Individuals wishing to volunteer with The ALS Association should fill out our quick survey below. Any questions, ask call 800-681-9851x105 or email volunteer@alsoregon.org.


Interested in volunteering with The ALS Association?

Volunteering is a great way to get involved with our mission.  We have a variety of opportunities from the Walk, Ski and Ride to Defeat ALS events, in-office opportunities, and Chapter representation at community events.  Please fill out this questionnaire so we can see how to best get you involved!

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