2020 Ride to Defeat ALS - OR & SW Washington

What a great group!
What a great group!

Ken's Kismet

Hello, I am Ken Feldhaus and am proud to again participate in this exciting event. The ride this year is of necessity using a different format. Due to legitimate crowd size limitations the event is more free form. The intention is folks will ride over the weekend of the July 18th, which is the Saturday the event was scheduled for. So while we don’t get to join together for festivities, it does offer an incredible opportunity for you to participate in your own way. There is no sign up fee or minimum fundraising requirement AND for those who do raise $350 the high quality ALS Ride bike jersey is yours! My plan is to meet up locally at Rood Bridge Park with like-minded individuals and with different route mapped out, break into smaller groups based on route preferences. Ride, run, skateboard or skip, the results mean so much to me and all of us in the ALS community.

ALS certainly affects the person diagnosed, but please also keep in mind the families and loved ones and what it means for them. Unfortunately, as it has since Lou Gehrig was diagnosed 81 years ago, a diagnosis means that those closest to someone with ALS -- their spouse, children, parents and close friends, need to figure out how to manage life with someone who has such continuous and significant needs. Then, somehow, these others have to go on living without that person.

Do we really want this to continue to happen? I have met so many wonderful people after being diagnosed with ALS. These are people we tragically lose early and often too quickly to something that should be treatable.

Please help me and my team with your support which helps those who suffer from this terrible affliction maintain their quality of life and also supports the search for a meaningful treatment allowing fathers and mothers to survive long enough to see their children or grandchildren grow and prosper.

I understand not everyone is able to actively participate and respectfully ask that in this case you donate to support myself or someone on my team. I have been involved since the first ride in 2012, for me, this is THE event I go all out for!

I want to see each of my team members exceed $350 in donations so they receive the “limited edition” ALS bike jersey and honestly, I would like to see the team's name on the trophy for team fundraising.

Without your help, this is not going to happen. Any amount helps. Truly!

You CAN make a difference... with your help, WE WILL make a difference in the lives of people affected by this disease and their families.

I ask that you share this with your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers, fellow athletes, church members, whomever! I, and we, would love their help!


Kens Kismet

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