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Greg & Bill Fly Fishing
Greg & Bill Fly Fishing

The Sparky Dixon's

Meet the Sparky Dixon’s!

Greg Dixon is 64 years old: the beloved father of 3, adored grandfather of many, and one of the nearly 30,000 Americans living with ALS.

My Dad was handed his diagnosis in October of 2019, after pushing for answers for over a year. He’d been living with debilitating symptoms of this insidious disease for much longer, recognizing they were all too familiar: his own brother, Bill, bravely battled ALS years prior. While doctors assured us such a disease rarely impacts multiple members of a family - an estimated 5-10 percent - my Dad patiently pushed forward to seek answers for all of us. Heartbreakingly, my family - the Dixons - is now part of that less than 10 percent.

Watching my Dad navigate his new normal and suffer as his body betrays him has at times left my siblings and I feeling utterly helpless. We have sought out every specialist, every opportunity, every clinical trial...as you know, when you love someone, there is no rock you’ll leave unturned.

My Dad is brave, proud, humble and hardworking. He has never let us help...until today. He called asking if I’d be willing to participate in a “virtual” Hike to Defeat ALS through the ALS Association, in honor of my Uncle Bill – who would have had a birthday recently. My Dad wanted to participate and form a team in his brother’s memory.

I say, we honor them both!

With that, the Sparky Dixon team was established! My Dad came up with the name: he and my Uncle Bill were both Electricians. There was no job too complicated, no project too small - they lit up our world, served their communities tirelessly, and took such pride in their work! So naturally, “Sparky” had to be part of it: as Sparky is what other contractors would call electricians in lieu of their real name. So many memories tied to that name, so many years of dedication.

As we stare down another diagnosis of ALS: the disease that attacks the body’s central nervous system, the irony is not lost on me: my Dad, the go to guy who could fix absolutely any issue under the sun - electrical and otherwise - is unable to find anyone to fix the misfirings in his own body.

My Dad is so much to so many, I would fight forever to keep him here with us. Beyond us, the Sparky Dixons, this disease devastates families across the world, every day. Mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, husbands, wives, fathers. It is my hope that we can continue to honor all those affected by spreading awareness, raising donations, demanding action, and ultimately, supporting one another.

Bill wasn’t alone in his fight. My Dad won’t be either. No one should ever have to fight this fight, but through efforts like the Hike to Defeat ALS and the ALSA, we can illuminate a community that deserves all the light it can get.

This team is for my Uncle Bill, my Dad, Greg, and every person living with or affected by ALS. Please join us in support, today. Let’s light the world up with Team Sparky Dixon’s!

Thank you so much.

Stacey King
The Sparky Dixon's Junior Captain


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