2021 Ride to Defeat ALS - OR & SW Washington

Dave"s Turnouts at the 2019 Ride to Defeat ALS
Dave"s Turnouts at the 2019 Ride to Defeat ALS

Dave's Turnouts

Thank you for helping our team reach our Ride to Defeat ALS fundraising goal! 

On July 17th Dave’s Turnouts will return for our fourth "Ride to Defeat ALS" to raise funds for the ALS Association (ALSA). This year's ride will be back at Mt Angel and the beautiful surrounding countryside of the Willamette Valley.

Our team name, "Dave's Turnouts," was the brainchild of Dave’s friend, Marina. For those who don't know, "turnouts" are the protective ensemble that firefighters wear to allow entry into burning buildings. Of course, turnouts don't put out fires but they allow firefighters to do their best and bravest work. And they allow firefighters to live to fight another day. So, we think it's an appropriate name for our team, because all of us and the ALSA are helping patients to live another day to their fullest.

2018 was our first year for this ride and it took took place shortly after Dave was diagnosed with ALS. He knew then that he wanted to support the ALSA but he was only beginning to find out how the ALSA would be there for him and his family. As he tried to learn about and come to terms with the realities of ALS, a fatal disease with no cure, the staff from the local ALSA chapter was there for them. They met with a social worker that taught them that while the challenges of living with ALS are daunting, they are not insurmountable. They provided needed equipment and technology from their "loan closet." Importantly, they worked closely with the doctors and staff at Dave’s neurology clinic. The result is a large, multi disciplinary team of professionals dedicated to supporting ALS patients and their loved ones.

For most of Dave’s life he has chosen to be a part of a team. Whether its Boy Scouts, firefighting or mountain rescue, he has been honored to serve alongside really great people working together for a worthwhile cause. He has joined "team ALS," and is grateful to be a recipient of their excellent work. So, more than ever, Dave wants to be a contributing member of the team as well. That's why Dave's Turnouts is fundraising. Please join us.

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 Thanks for your ongoing support.

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