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The Basics

The Ride to Defeat ALS occurs on roads open to motor vehicle traffic. As on any ride, you must use extreme caution to stay safe and to help keep everyone else safe at all times!

Here are some tips to make sure you are safe while you Ride to Defeat ALS!

Rider Checklist

-        Take your bike for a tune-up before hitting the pavement. 

-        Wear a helmet!

-        Pack some emergency cash and your ID.

-        Wear cycling gloves.

-        Wear sunglasses or other protective eyewear.

-        Bring a small tool kit with spare tubes, tire irons, a patch kit

-        CO2 or mini-pump can come in handy

-        Wear sunscreens and lip balm.

-        Cycling shoes are suggested. 

Rules of the Road

Bicycles are considered vehicles under Oregon state law. This gives cyclists the right to share the road with motor vehicles. Just as drivers must, anyone riding a bicycle must also follow the law. This way, everyone is predictable-- and being predictable makes the road safer for everyone. Need a refresher? The State of Oregon has an excellent bicycle safety manual that you can review by clicking here.