Fundraising Incentive
The 2021 Jersey design is finally here! We are so excited for this year's design. If you raise just $350, this year's jersey will be yours! Remember, we are here to make fundraising easy. Other exciting incentives are to be announced throughout the summer. 

2021 Jersey Design

Fundraising on Facebook
1. Log on to the participant center. Need your username or password? Email and we will take care of you! Please allow a 24 hour response time Monday-Friday. 

2. Click on the blue box, "Raise More Money With Facebook"
3. Click on "Continue as YOUR NAME," then select  "OK" 
4. You're connected!

Personalize your Personal Page
Your personal page is the place to tell your story and let everyone know why you have become a part of the Ride to Defeat ALS and why finding a cure for ALS is so important to you. Be sure to update your page with a photo too!

Send Emails Easily
Did you know that you can send emails right through your Participant Center? Just login and take a look at the email section to get started.  There are already some templates built out for you, all you have to do is add your contacts to spread awareness and kickstart your fundraising.

Make a Self-Donation
Did you know that someone that donates to themselves is proven to have a larger impact on our fundraising events? Everyone will be able to see how committed you are to the cause. Jump start your fundraising with a self-donation today!

Progress is Powerful
On your personal page you will be able to see all the activity from donors and all the updates that you have made. Be sure to thank those that have donated and helped you raise your bar towards your fundraising goal and our shared goal of creating a world without ALS.

Match those Gifts!
Many companies will match a gift made by an employee. Some companies even triple match or match pooled gifts. This is a great way to boost your fundraising with just a few clicks of the mouse!