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Fred Noble Challenge

The Fred Noble Challenge is NEW this year to the Ski to Defeat ALS. The challenge is designed to capture the fun-loving spirit of Fred Noble. Everyone who enters The Fred Noble Challenge will stretch their ski ability on fun and challenging ski runs throughout the day. Complete 4 challenge runs based on your ability, and earn your fastest time down a race course.  Participants will be split in to male and female divisions, and grouped by ability: beginner, intermediate, and advanced for each of the events.  

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"Make the world a better place for others, and you make the world a better place for yourself." ~ Fred Noble, 1937-2014

How it Works: The Fred Noble Challenge consists of two elements - the race course and challenge runs. When you check in you will receive a card telling you the location of your challenge runs.  Challenge runs are based on your skiing ability and you will receive a raffle ticket for each completed run.  The race course is timed, and the winner of this element will be based off of your best time on one of two runs down the course. 


Challenge Runs: You will have all day to complete your challenge runs!  If you are an iPhone user, you can download the Snowledge app to track your runs.  If you do not have an iPhone, no problem!  Just let us know at the end of the day how many of the challenge runs you completed, and you will receive a raffle ticket for each completed run. 


Race Course: The course, will be open 10:30am – 2:30pm, and closed for lunch from 12:00pm – 1:00pm. You can take 2 runs on the course in order to earn your best time.  The course will be set on the Stadium chair, on a blue run.  Make sure you have your bib on and visible before entering the race course.  This is how we track your time. 


Awards: Raffle tickets will be pulled for prizes, and a trophy will be awarded for the fastest racer in each category at the award ceremony at 3:30 in Vertical North. 



Q: I’ve never raced before, do you think I could handle a race course?

A: Absolutely! The course will be set on a blue run.  To get comfortable with the run, take a run

or two down Stadium, prior to entering the course to assure it is within your comfort zone. 


Q: How to I determine my ski ability?

A: It’s up to you to determine- but here is a guideline: 

Beginner- This is one of your first times skiing, or you are relatively new to the sport.  You complete

wedge-style turns, prefer slow speeds on green runs. 
Intermediate-You ski green and blue runs with confidence. You are able to link your turns together.  At times, you ski in ungroomed green and blue terrain. 
Advanced -You ski mainly all blue and black runs with confidence. You do not wedge, and have the ability to ski fast and in control. 

Q: How will you know I completed my challenge runs?

A: It is up to the honor system.  If you do not have the Snowledge app, let the volunteers at Vertical North know how many of the challenge runs you completed. 

Q: What if I fall on my challenge run!

A:  Safety First!  Please ski safe and in control, we do not want you hurting yourself and if a challenge run is too difficult for your ability, please do not attempt it.  If you fall, get back up!  All you need to do is make it to the bottom.  There are no style points! 


Q: What if I don’t complete my challenge runs?

A: No biggie!  It’s a challenge so we don’t expect everyone to do them all.  Try the ones you are comfortable with and see how many you can do. 


Have fun!  Remember, you are raising money for a good cause!